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“Returning artist at the McKenzie River Inn!”

After teaching a successful class in 2018, Diane Michelin is therefor returning to the McKenzie River Inn in June 2019. The lovely Diane Michelin will be teaching students the art of water coloring.


Approaching the end of 2018 we glance back at this years major changes in our business model.  Due to the lack of business, because of raging forest fires, we were forced to close the restaurant. Nobody wanted to sit out on the patio to have dinner in the smoke and we can’t hold that against anyone.

Because we all wanted more private space, especially with two teenagers,what our former cabin couldn’t offer, we also closed the bed & breakfast and occupy the former building. A nice upgrade for the four of us.

We also were in need of a class room and created a workshop/studio of ca. 700 sq. feet.  Therefor we utilized it with a  7 x4.3 feet worktable, benches, leather sewing machines, easle’s and a remodeled kitchen. Besides that, it comes with its own (vegetable-) garden!  For that reason we organized the retreats with full lodging including, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hence we opened our retreats to local participants also. Marissa gave us positive regards for the part taking in Diane’s class.

Our start as an place for artist retreats had several artists committing to teach. One class standing out was the retreat with Diane Michelin Diane is a water color painter/artist from Vancouver island British Columbia, a wonderful lady and teacher. Students appreciated the professional didactical qualities of Diane and broadened their artistic levels to a new hight after a week of classes. After one of the classes we were able to take instructor and students alike on a tasting tour to Lorane and King Estate wineries, introducing Oregon wines and hospitality and incredible views of the Cascade mountain foothills.

Annie and I are very excited for having Diane back on June 24-28 2019.

We also received confirmation from Phil Beck, oil painting artist to teach a class begin July.

Check out our Workshop and Retreats page for regular updates and schedule for 2019!

Maybe we sparked your interest in one of our classes or want to teach a class or just want to relax in one of our vacation rentals….throw us a line (541 822 6260) or contact us by e-mail


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