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Blog “Exciting Changes at the Inn!”

Blog “Exciting Changes at the Inn!”


“Exciting Changes at the Inn!”

The McKenzie River Inn moves into a different direction in 2018!

Artist-in-residence Annie Margarita came up with the idea to invite other accomplished artists and instructors to our place to do retreats with students and to form an artist social hub in the heart of the Cascade mountains. After a lot of brainstorming I think we have a formula that works in many ways. So far 13 retreats/seminars are lined up with seven instructors. From leather carving to handbags, shoemaking to fly fishing, heritage crafts are the theme for 2018. In the meantime the three cabins, the River Otter, Osprey and Kingfisher will be available as vacation homes or overnight rentals (minimum of two nights) when there are no retreats planned on those dates.

Annie and I are very excited about this for we have been looking out to do something that extends our interest in each other’s art without losing all the lodging history the McKenzie River Inn had for forty years. Closing the bed and breakfast was a no brainer, after eighteen years we have been serving lots of guests, but this kind a lifestyle kept me away from spending more time with my kids and from what I like to do most, as a river guide and be part of the artistic world Annie brought with her!

Maybe we sparked your interest in one of our classes or just want to relax in one of our updated cabins….?

Throw me a line!



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